Pauline Rakis

Pauline Rakis

Pauline has an element of discovery to her paintings. Laying down shapes and color often brings out an unexpected image which can be developed further. Some of her works are representational, while others are impressionistic.

Acrylic paint is her preferred medium because of its flexibility. After selectng the size and type of support, such as canvas, paper or wood, she primes the surface with a coat of gesso. A bright undercoat of paint is then used to set the stage for the painting. The undercoat gives a luminosity to the piece when portions of it are left uncovered as other layers of paint are applied.

For her collages the fluid nature of acrylic paint is instrumental in coloring art tissue. Another method of tinting the tissue is to use rusted items such as nails, washers, cans, which have been sprayed with white vinegar. After spraying the items, they are placed on the tissue and allowed to “drip” onto the paper creating a variety of interesting shapes and color for the for the piece.

By 2019, Pauline will have been featured in 3 solo shows and dozens of groups shows. She has won numerous awards for her abstracts, still life, and portraits: the most noteworthy being featured in the Baltimore Sun.