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The Road to An Artful Adventure

My interest in art had been dormant for a number of years. It resurfaced in 2003 when I took a sketching class.  Twice a year thereafter, from 2004-2007  I took week-end workshops and random classes. My focus was not to become an artist per se. That changed in the Spring of 2007 when I invited to participate in my first 'En Plein Air' trip to France.  The trip  introduced  me to what being a painter meant.  Learning to paint outside was  challenging for a new painter. However, the experience of being totally immersed in painting for 10 days was amazing.  It introduced me to elements I had never considered: architecture and nature, (individually and collectively): light and color: and shapes. It taught me that I must look beyond the object I was attempting to paint.  

During the years following the trip to France, (2007-2010) I  tried my hand at watercolor,  pastels, and acrylics with various instructors. I ultimately chose acrylics as my medium.  I also added collage in the Fall of 2007. The next 'En Plein Air' trip, in 2011, was to Greece. By the time the third trip to Canada (2013 ) rolled around, I was very comfortable with painting outside. 

 While I enjoy painting 'En Plein Air', I spend the majority  of my time time painting in my studio. My best work is that which I produce intuitively. This is especially true with collage and abstracts.  I began exploring abstracts  around 2011. I found collage and abstracts to be both enlightening and freeing. They fulfill the need to create in a different way for me. They are liberating.

Since  early 2012 I have painted regularly.  I continue to learn and explore.  Exploring different mediums and styles has brought me to where I am now. I am thankful to the workshop instructors and teachers who guided me and challenged me.  Having  embarked on this path, art has now became my life’s work. It brings me joy and happiness. It is also what I do for my wellbeing.  Many say that life is a journey. I find the artistic life to be an adventure.  Art has opened the world to many possibilites: challenges, hopefulness, creative expression to name a few. Ultimately, the adventure will continue as I share my work with others.



Artist Statement

Artist Pauline Rakis painting En Plein Air

My primary medium is acrylic paint. The ease with which acrylics can be manipulated fits with the methods and techniques I currently use. I often work on more than one painting at a time. This gives me great flexibility to develop the previous painting as I work on the next, and it results in a series of paintings with the same basic theme.

While I continue to produce a variety of subject matter - landscape, still life, etc. - exploring various mediums and styles has brought me to abstract painting and collage. The experimental nature of abstracts and collage is allowing my imagination to flow in many directions. Not limiting myself in subject matter, I frequently do not declare an intention for the painting. I enjoy having the painting evolve from shapes and colors I have applied to my supports.

It is my goal to enjoy the process of producing art and have it bring pleasure to those who view it.

"Creating art has taught me to challenge myself to go beyond what is comfortable and give myself the freedom of discovery."
- Pauline Rakis

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